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Time Saving Gmail Features

What: I love using GSuite products but the one I use most often is Gmail. The following features are my favorite for saving time and making my day run as efficiently as possible. You can watch a step-by-step tutorial by Richard Byrne for most of these features by clicking here.  Schedule Send: I love this feature. I am […]

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Creating Choice Boards

Choice Boards have been around for a while but with our global transition to online learning, these traditional paper-based tools are making a digital comeback. Kasey Bell from ShakeUpLearning offers a ton of information, tutorials, and even free templates on her recent blog post. You can even listen to a podcast of a teacher utilizing Choice Boards in her current […]

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Disrupt Your Classroom with Authentic Learning

What: Authentic Learning has been a buzzword in education for quite some time and has many definitions but is most understood as making learning meaningful by engaging students in relevant and real-world experiences (source). But, what does that mean exactly? This blog will discuss Authentic Learning and how it can be used to disrupt your classroom […]

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